Batching plant manufactured in en-bloc structure of moderate dimensions, easy for transport and assembly and disassembly. Innovative system conceived by MCF with all technical features requested from the job site and from the standards with aggregates weighed with 3 loading cells, as well as the cement, furthermore into the structure is well placed a weight additive dispenser, a water container with its distribution and liter-counters, a compressor, an oil-dynamic gearcase, the transmission 4 rollers type of the mixer all managed from the automation CONCRETE TOUCH with printer and FLASH-CARD on board machine ready to manage the microwave or capacitive probes into the sands.

Technical Data Mod. 1000 Mod. 1500
Yield per mixing 1000 l 1500 l
Hourly Production TR 26 m3 32m3
Scraping Radius nr. 2 nr. 2
Maximum aggregates stockage 250 m3 250 m3
En-bloc Mod. 1000 Mod. 1500
Lenght 4920 mm 5100 mm
Width 2220 mm 2420 mm
Height 2725 mm 2725 mm
Weight 4300 Kg 4600 Kg
Installed Powers Mod. 1000 Mod. 1500
Cement screw extraction 23 kW 30 kW