Truck mixers

The EUROMIX truck mixers, recently introduced in the range of the MCF products at the beginning of the 2014, is the last investment that the Company puts at its customers disposal  to offer the complete package of the building yard.

The EUROMIX truck mixers, which fabrication process is completely realized in its own  workshop,  using materials exclusively of italian origin,  represents the confirmation of the high level of solidity, planning, structuring  as a guarantee for a product of high reliability.

The bottom  is realized with sheets of 8 mm. of thickness  further reinforced with an internal disc while the plating and  the internal spirals are of 5 mm. of thickness in quality AQ52.B as well as the rolling rings.

The welding of the internal shovels and of the plate is carried out in a continuous way ensuring a degree of  resistance to the  shocks and to the typical very bad stress working conditions of the building yard.

The rotation of the drum is obtained with the using of an over dimensioned epicycloidal reducer oil bath.

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    Technical specifics


    Model Truck data provided for indicative purposes only depending on the choice of truck by the customer
    Drum PHY 70 PHY 80 PHY 90 PHY 100
    Volum 7 m³ 8 m³ 9 m³ 10 m³
    Maximum used load 16.800 kg 19.200 kg 21.600 kg 24.000 kg
    Frame Rigid – Mixer 6×4 Porteur – Malax. 6×4 Rigid – Mixer 6×4 Porteur – Malax. 6×4 Rigid – Mixer 6×4 Porteur – Malax. 8×4 Porteur – Malax. 8×4
    Wheelbase / Empattement 3200 mm 3200 mm 3200/4600 mm 4600mm
    Cabine cabina corta 2 posti
    Power 400 ch 400 ch 400 ch 400 ch
    Pneum. 13 R 22,5 13 R 22,5 13 R 22,5 13 R 22,5
    PTC omologated 24.40 24.40 29.86 29.86
    Maximum total weight allowed 34 T 34 T 34/41 T 41 T
    Betoniera PHY 70 PHY 80 PHY 90 PHY 100
    Nominal load 7 m³ 8 m³ 9 m³ 10 m³
    Geometric volume 12150 Lt. 13800 Lt. 14800 Lt. 16500 Lt.
    Tilt angle 14˚ 14° 13° 13°
    Filling coefficient 59% 65% 65% 64%
    Water line volume 7170 Lt. 8200 Lt. 9190 Lt. 10550 Lt.