Batching plant that is based on dosing principles of each material used into the productive process, aggregate 1,2 3 or possible addition of the fourth aggregate as well as cement, while water and additives are counted by impulse counter-liters.

The idea to conceive such a similar compact mobile plant is due to the need of having on the job site material of excellent quality that often is lost when, for example, the materials are transported through truck mixers fort the production site up to the job site. Conceiving designated to serve all the job sites of all sizes provided with crane (fix or Mobil) loading buckets to reload the hoppers in cement or aggregates.

The whole of the dosed and weighted aggregates according to the formula of the set up concrete on the control panel that can records up to 300 different formulas is reversed in one single-shaft mixer with 2 mixing spirals that ensures an excellent mixing.

TYPE 800 1000 1200
Hourly production m3/h 30 35 40
Total hoppers capacity m3 10 10 10
Total hoppers capacity with raising panels h=1000mm. m3 21,7 21,7 21,7
Total hoppers capacity with raising panels h=1500mm. m3 27,6 27,6 27,6
Installed power Kw 32 40 40
Absorbed power Kw 23 29 29
FLAT RACK 40′ Nr. 1 1 1