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MCF Systems S.R.L.

For over 40 years MCF SYSTEMS has been producing mixers and concrete batching plants and operates in more than 60 countries around the world, offering, thanks to the consolidated experience gained over the course of its long work, a product whose qualities of excellence and reliability are now recognized by the most severe and demanding with which MCF proudly collaborates in synergy to find increasingly innovative and cutting-edge solutions with the times.

The experience gained on construction sites all over the world, combined with the choice to employ high-level profiles in its organization whose support allows MCF to be competitive in most markets, make it a first-rate company on the global scene.

Travel Mix

Travel Mix

Quality of product and service

At the basis of professional growth there has always been the belief of aiming to optimize the quality not only of the product but also of both the commercial and technical service to remain close to the customer for the entire lifespan of the system and to develop projects and challenges increasingly ambitious challenges for which MCF has always shown itself to be ready and reactive:

with the aim of growing and building long-lasting and sustainable projects over time.

Plants and machines for the production and transport of concrete

We work to reach an increasingly higher technological level and offer adequate services to our customers, maintaining an absolutely competitive price level.

Over forty years of experience

The constant search for innovation evolves the spirit of growth that for years has accompanied the entrepreneurial philosophy of the Frigerio family so that the objective is always customer satisfaction who must recognize exclusivity and unique excellence in the MCF product.

Attention to customer needs
Reliability and quality of our plants
Precision in product delivery
Ability to innovate and vision of projects
Safety and working life of the machines