Cubo Road

Compact concrete batching plant


This concrete batching plant was designed with a high-performance pan mixer.


The load is directed into the mixer which has a weighing system with load cells.

Extremely compact machine, with reduced dimensions, intended for construction sites that require rapid installation and productivity of up to 40m3/hr.

Key points

  • Compactness: The plant is designed with small dimensions, taking up limited space.
  • Mobility: The intended use of the plant is for construction sites, underlining its adaptability to construction contexts.
  • Quick Assembly: : In less than 3 days, you will be ready to start working with your CUBO ROAD system.
  • Efficiency: The plant is capable of achieving high productivity, with a concrete production capacity of up to 40 cubic meters per hour.

More information

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    Technical specifics


    U.M. 750/500 1125/750 1500/1000
    Theoretical production +/- 10% mm 20 30 40
    Aggregates hopper nr 2/3/4
    Tank capacity mm 1200 1900 2400
    Mixer TR TR TR
    Tank diamter lt 1830 2030 2250