Concrete batching plant for the
production of precast elements

Customized bathing plant for the production of precast elements, special elements, blocks and self-locking pavers. Its design is carefully adapted to the specific production needs of the customer, integrating advanced dosing, measurement and control systems. This customized solution is ideal for the prefabrication sector, where the accuracy and efficiency of the processes are fundamental to guarantee optimal results that comply with the specifications of each individual project.

Key points

  • Turnkey Solutions: We offer complete services, from design to start-up, guaranteeing uncomplicated management for the customer.
  • Tailor-made: Custom designed to adapt to the specific production needs of each customer, ensuring optimal efficiency and productivity.
  • Transport and Distribution: possibility of integrating systems for the transport and distribution of concrete.
  • Dosing for Powders, Pigments and Liquid Colors: Integration with precise systems for dosing powders, pigments and liquid colors, guaranteeing uniformity in results.
  • Moisture and Plasticity Control: Implemented with advanced control systems to maintain the desidered properties of the concrete, ensuring consistency and final quality.

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    Technical specifics


    PRECAST 20 30 40
    Output capacity m3/h 20 30 40
    Aggregates hopper 3/4 in line 3/4 in line 3/4 in line
    Aggregates hopper total storage capacity m3 from 30 to 80 from 30 to 80 from 30 to 80
    Mixer type Planetary Planetary Planetary
    Mixer output capacity per cycle lt/lt 750/500 1125/750 1500/1000