Magica + Mini Magica

Scraping radius concrete mixing plant with loading via skip, designed to work like a truck mixer feeding plant

This plant provides loading via skip and is designed to work like a truck mixer feeding plant.

It is the smallest version of the MAGICA plant, it is normally used for feeding small machines for the production of cement products (block machines, pipe machines, vibrating tables).

The plants are equipped with one or two scraping radius to use up to 4 aggregates.

Key points

  • Planetary mixers: excellent quality of concrete thanks to the homogenous quick mixing.
  • Load cells: the aggregates are correctly dosed into the skip thanks to the 3 load cells.
  • Adaptability: plant can discharge concrete at 2500 mm for many pre-cast use or 4.000 mm for feeding truck mixers 

More information

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    Technical specifics


    MAGICA – MINI MAGICA MM 400 MM 500 M 900 M 1200 M 1800 M 2200
    Fresh concrete lt 300 450 600 900 1200 1880
    Cement weigher kg 150 250 300 450 600 900
    Water tank kg 200 200 200 200 300 300
    Mixer type Planetary RFBS
    Mixer capacity lt 375/250 550/375 750/500 1125/750 1500/1000 2250/1500